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Online-Lecture series:

Interactions between Humans and Wildlife
Interdisciplinary Workshop for Early Career Researchers

24th - 26th of October 2023

Human life and wildlife converge steadily, resulting, among others, in new pathogen spillovers. The drivers for increasing human-animal interactions and its resultant pathogen spillovers are climate change, hunting, trading animals, and keeping animals as livestock or pets. Land use changes lead to an increasing encroachment of agriculture, including crop cultivation, in forests, savannas, and other biodiverse natural habitats. To prevent pathogen spillovers – or, at least, be prepared for future spillovers – activities of both humans and wildlife have to be considered. This requires an interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral approach to understanding human and animal (re-)actions that result in interactions. An analysis of the interplay between climate change mechanisms, (intensive/ extensive) land use, human behavior, and animal habitat from socio-cultural, veterinarian, environmental, health, and other perspectives would bridge the knowledge gap among these disciplines and improve understanding of a common approach to managing pandemics.

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